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Find answers to commonly asked questions here:

(Q) Why don't I have a dial tone when I try to call you after my alarm is tripped?
(A) The system takes control of your phone line to communicate with our central station and will release the line when finished communicating.

(Q) Can you turn my system/alarm off for me after it has been tripped?
(A) The Doyle Emergency Response Center cannot turn off your system once it is tripped.

(Q) What happens if my phone line gets cut?
(A) The alarm cannot communicate with the Emergency Response Center unless a radio or cellular backup has been installed.

(Q) What is an Emergency Contact and what are their responsibilities?
(A) Persons designated by you to act on your behalf in the event of an alarm condition.

(Q) What is the difference between my "PIC" (personal identification code) and my arm/disarm code?
(A) The "PIC" or pass code identifies the person's authorization to be at that location during an alarm condition when talking to our Emergency Response Center and the arm/disarm code turns your system on and off.

(Q) How long has Doyle been in business?
(A) Since 1919.

(Q) Is the Doyle Emergency Response Center UL Listed?
(A) Yes.

(Q) How long is the system warranted?
(A) It varies depending on product. An optional service agreement is also available.

(Q) Do you install Cameras, Access Control, Intercoms, Fire Alarms, and Medical Alarms?
(A) Yes.

(Q) Where are your offices?
(A) Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Syracuse NY, Erie PA

(Q) Do I get charged for false alarms?
(A) Not by Doyle. It depends on the codes set up in your municipality.

(Q) How often should I get my burglary and/or fire system inspected?
(A) You should test your system monthly and have all devices cleaned and tested annually by our service department.

(Q) Is it really worth it to purchase a service contract?
(A) Yes, it is like insurance against unexpected repair costs. Many also include an annual inspection. In some cases, the cost of one, non-warranty service call can be more than your annual contract total.

(Q) Do houses with security systems have fewer burglary attempts in general?
(A) Yes, and law enforcement will agree. Signs and stickers are a deterrent.

(Q) Does Doyle have an 800 number?
(A) Yes. (866) GO-DOYLE (463-6953).

(Q) Should I notify the Doyle Emergency Response Center when my power will be off?
(A) Yes, notify us of the dates and times.

(Q) Should I notify the Doyle Emergency Response Center when I am leaving for vacation or have workers in or outside my home?
(A) Yes, call us with the dates and dispatching instructions.

(Q) How do I change my PIC (pass code)?
(A) Please send this request in writing via mail, fax, or e-mail.

(Q) How do I change or update my emergency contact list?
(A) Please send this request in writing via mail, fax, or e-mail.

(Q) How can I request an Insurance Certificate?
(A) Please call toll free (866) GO-DOYLE (463-6953).

(Q) What if I have a question about Alarm Permits?
(A) Please call toll free (866) GO-DOYLE (463-6953)

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