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Commercial Security Tips

Fires happen more often than people think in homes and businesses. There are some basic safety guidelines to follow if a fire breaks out:
• Devise and rehearse an escape plan with your family/co-workers
• Gather children and family and get out immediately
• Remember smoke is black so it will be difficult to see
• Stay Low – the heat can be very intense
• Prearrange a meeting place that is safely away from your home/business
• Don’t go back into the burning building
• Do not try and fight the fire
• Make sure you have a working smoke detector
• Make sure you, your family/co-workers know how to best escape from a burning

Cars are stolen every 19 seconds in the US and they disappear from everyday places: malls, streets, driveways, parking lots/garages, mass transit lots, car dealerships


To avoid your car being stolen at home or at work, take the following precautions:
• Never leave your car running when parked
• Never leave the keys in the ignition when the car is parked or when you leave it
• Always roll up the windows and lock the car – even when it’s at home
• Always park in busy, well-lighted area
• Never leave valuables in plain sight even if the car is locked. They should be out of sight or in the trunk. Stereo components and cell phones should all be removed and stored in a safe place when your car is unattended.
• If you park in a commercial garage or parking lot, just leave the ignition key with the attendant and make sure you do not leave identifying information in the car

Burglary Prevention
• Install sturdy locks and use them
• Store tools and ladders when not in use
• Keep shrubs trimmed to not provide cover for intruders
• Keep outdoor areas and entrances well lit. consider automatic lights.
• Garages and sheds should always be locked
• Do not carry ID tags on your keys
• Do not put valuables in plain view of windows or doors
• Put lights, TV, stereo on timers when on vacation
• Have friends collect mail and newspapers when you’re away

• Avoid stepping into an elevator alone at night especially if there is someone in there
• Stand near the controls so you have access to the alarm button
• Keep hands free and clear in the case you have to ward off an attack

Street Smarts
• Wherever you are, stay alert and tuned into your surroundings
• Walk confidently
• Trust your instincts
• Know the neighborhoods where you live and work
• When out, stick to well-lit areas and well-traveled streets
• Don’t flash jewelry, cash, clothing
• Carry your purse close to your body. Put wallets in the front pocket of your pants or inside pocket of your coat
• Try to use ATMs in the daytime
• Don’t wear headphones while walking or jogging


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