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Building a New Home

Builder Program

Building your dream home? Make sure your security system lives up to expectations as well. Thanks to the advanced technological expertise of Doyle Security’s new construction department, you can incorporate a fully integrated, cutting-edge, and user-friendly hardwired security system right into your new home as it is built. Doyle Security’s new construction department offers numerous low voltage options that can enhance the value and add convenience to your new home. Home automation systems, central cleaning systems, intercom/sound systems, camera systems and "smart house" wiring systems are installed more economically during the construction of your house. It’s convenient, affordable, and best of all, it’s the ultimate in custom security for your home.

Things to consider with regards to home security and life safety for you new home:

New York State building codes require the following items:

  1. One carbon monoxide sensor is required on every floor level that has a sleeping area and / or a gas appliance.  This required building code became law on 1/1/2008.   Most builders provide a 110-volt plug in model. However, a carbon monoxide detector hardwired into your security system is more effective. It has battery backup and can alert the Emergency Response Center.
  2. On average about seven smoke detectors are required in the home. Most builders provide 110-volt models. Smoke detectors from Doyle that are hardwired into the security system are more effective. They also have battery backup and can alert the Emergency Response Center.

Other items to consider adding to the security system:

  • Low temperature sensors (to monitor the integrity of the HVAC system)
  • Water sensors (to monitor basement or laundry room flooding)
  • Video cameras
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Phone/CaTV/Data wiring

New Construction Time-line:

  1. A walk-through with the homeowner and Doyle Security Designer should be set up prior to the start of the mechanical work (ie. Plumbing, HVAC, electric).
  2. The security pre-wiring should be scheduled around the same time as the electrician.
  3. The security finish work should be scheduled after paint but before carpets.
  4. A final tie in and test should be performed after the homeowner has secured telephone service to the home.

Please contact our New Construction Manager for information about how Doyle can assist in planning your new home.

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